Any marriage needs many compromises and sacrifices. When you love each other than, being together and getting married conquers any sacrifice that you made. So the first tip is the most important one. Marry only if you love each other unconditionally. There should never be any exchange of vows until you really mean them. The sexual attraction may be there but that is not enough to sustain any marriage. A deep and abiding love is crucial before you decide to get married.

There are many tips that help to sustain any زواج (marriage) and these are applicable to same-sex marriages as well. Decide the boundaries and agreements before deciding to get hitched.  You both need to understand each other completely and be honest and be clear about the status of your relationship. It could be about an open relationship or monetary matters. Do not avoid any topic thinking about hurting your partner’s feelings. It is important to sort out all the difficult aspects before you start living together.

Say what you mean. Do not confuse your partner as it may lead to more embarrassing situations and may also lead to heartbreak. Always be clear in expressing your views and be honest with each other in every matter. Do not spend too much money on a wedding. It is about coming together for love and legal status. Make a budget and try to have a simple wedding.

Do not enter into a wedlock based upon assumptions or because you have found a rich partner. Do not be scared to be alone if you are not happy in the relationship. Make compromises but only if that makes both of you happy. Some adjustments are required in every relationship but do not make them for selfish reasons.

Do not avoid talking about chores at home and money matters. You both need to work out a balanced approach to the way money is spent and chores are done at home. One partner should not feel burdened as the feelings simmering for a long time may break a relationship. Get married for all the right reasons and love should be the foundation.