Having a good sex life makes a couple feel physically and emotionally satisfied. It helps improve the relationship to a great level. The same old sex routine, however, can get mundane and take a toll on the relationship.

In situations like these, it is time to spice things up a bit. One of the hottest ways in which you can add that element of fun and thrill into your love life is by role-playing. Whether you love to be the submissive nurse or play a docile looking kitty that is a tigress is bed the choice is yours. So let your imagination run wild and raise the temperature of your sex life.

Yet another component that is now becoming a recent favorite in sex toys is the use of a butt plug. You can visit this page for more information; a little insight for this is as follows. Allow the animal inside you to get the better of you with some exciting variants in butt plugs. These can be slowly and comfortably inserted inside the anus. Not only will that give you pleasures like never before, the tail that comes along with these plugs will also add that thrill to your role-playing.

Cattail plugs: Love to play that cute kitty that is wild in bed? Try this amazing butt plug that has a gentle blunted butt plug. The tail is made of real cat hair and will give you the excitement of being ready for action. To give you a more authentic feel, this butt plug is also available in other natural color variants including brown-grey, white, black, and striped too.

Horsetail butt plugs: Show off what you got by strutting around like a hot horse. These real horse hair tail will never fail to get you’re and your partner’s senses excited. The gentle butt plug will never stop teasing the right erogenous areas.

Other kinds of butt plugs include:

  • Wolf tail butt plug
  • Rabbit tail butt plug
  • Dog tail butt plug etc.

You can choose your favorite or try them all.