Month: January 2018


When dating what is too far?

So, we took the plunge together:

One year ago, if you would have asked me if I would like my boyfriend’s cock to be locked even for the sake of a fetish, I would have cocooned at the idea and given you a piece of my mind. But today, I am going to tell you how wonderful the journey has been for the two of us. We have not only been together now for a long time but I can even proudly tell you how much of trust we impose on each other today.

It all started with a random discussion on our fetish preferences:

He casually mentioned about not having sex for a long time so that the excitement of having it would be heightened. He had done his fair share of research and he had very well charted his arguments. I was with him on this because hey! I wanted him to have the best time of his life and I wanted to be able to share his joys with him.

So, we ordered the locking device:

The website is a sure shot success because when we ordered, we were asked to read these rules at and we were so impressed with their commitment to wishing well for their clients. I was floored with the detailed rules that they laid down. The website processes the order even if you do not read the terms but it makes a lot of sense to read it guys! It does, believe me.

The little experience that I have:

Locking the cock is a great way to control the most basic urge of men to have an orgasm. The locking periods can differ with couples but they need to make sure that the device is comfortable and it is not twitching or itching or chaffing the skin there.

There is a world of possibilities in foreplay with this:

Log on to the internet to unleash the wonderful world of ideas that you can borrow to spice up your sex life, the sky is not the limit here, I promise!