When dating what is too far?

So, we took the plunge together:

One year ago, if you would have asked me if I would like my boyfriend’s cock to be locked even for the sake of a fetish, I would have cocooned at the idea and given you a piece of my mind. But today, I am going to tell you how wonderful the journey has been for the two of us. We have not only been together now for a long time but I can even proudly tell you how much of trust we impose on each other today.

It all started with a random discussion on our fetish preferences:

He casually mentioned about not having sex for a long time so that the excitement of having it would be heightened. He had done his fair share of research and he had very well charted his arguments. I was with him on this because hey! I wanted him to have the best time of his life and I wanted to be able to share his joys with him.

So, we ordered the locking device:

The website is a sure shot success because when we ordered, we were asked to read these rules at lockthecock.com and we were so impressed with their commitment to wishing well for their clients. I was floored with the detailed rules that they laid down. The website processes the order even if you do not read the terms but it makes a lot of sense to read it guys! It does, believe me.

The little experience that I have:

Locking the cock is a great way to control the most basic urge of men to have an orgasm. The locking periods can differ with couples but they need to make sure that the device is comfortable and it is not twitching or itching or chaffing the skin there.

There is a world of possibilities in foreplay with this:

Log on to the internet to unleash the wonderful world of ideas that you can borrow to spice up your sex life, the sky is not the limit here, I promise!



Having a good sex life makes a couple feel physically and emotionally satisfied. It helps improve the relationship to a great level. The same old sex routine, however, can get mundane and take a toll on the relationship.

In situations like these, it is time to spice things up a bit. One of the hottest ways in which you can add that element of fun and thrill into your love life is by role-playing. Whether you love to be the submissive nurse or play a docile looking kitty that is a tigress is bed the choice is yours. So let your imagination run wild and raise the temperature of your sex life.

Yet another component that is now becoming a recent favorite in sex toys is the use of a butt plug. You can visit this page for more information; a little insight for this is as follows. Allow the animal inside you to get the better of you with some exciting variants in butt plugs. These can be slowly and comfortably inserted inside the anus. Not only will that give you pleasures like never before, the tail that comes along with these plugs will also add that thrill to your role-playing.

Cattail plugs: Love to play that cute kitty that is wild in bed? Try this amazing butt plug that has a gentle blunted butt plug. The tail is made of real cat hair and will give you the excitement of being ready for action. To give you a more authentic feel, this butt plug is also available in other natural color variants including brown-grey, white, black, and striped too.

Horsetail butt plugs: Show off what you got by strutting around like a hot horse. These real horse hair tail will never fail to get you’re and your partner’s senses excited. The gentle butt plug will never stop teasing the right erogenous areas.

Other kinds of butt plugs include:

  • Wolf tail butt plug
  • Rabbit tail butt plug
  • Dog tail butt plug etc.

You can choose your favorite or try them all.…

Romantic Anniversary Night Ideas

The first wedding anniversary speaks about how successful you have been in your first year of successful married life. This reveals your understanding and takes from your spouses and it is the intimacy that brings out the feel better. Of course life would have changed in the first year of your marriage but you can still make the coming years and especially your anniversary night the most beautiful one by exchanging love and affection for each other. Now any woman would want their spouse to gift them something on their first anniversary nights; in fact they would be expecting this. Most of the anniversary gifts are either a beautiful dinner arranged in privacy or under moonlight, a mobile phone beautifully wrapped in colors or something of this sort. But how about a piece of jewelry? Of course this is a common choice that men pick to gift their spouses with but the question is how to buy the perfect necklace for your girlfriend. Every piece of jewelry is going to astonish her but the piece that is of her liking and a long time wish is definitely going to elate her and her happiness will find no limits.

Analyze all that she has in her possession and try and pick the most beautiful and unique one from the shop floors. Try and find the latest models and trending designs and something that everybody would envy at. Pick the one that would suit and look graceful anytime for any attire. These are some tips that would definitely make your choice of jewelry a better and effective one and the one that has all these would definitely be the best gift for your spouse and that too on your anniversary night. You can also go in for other gift ideas like a handbag or any other accessories that your woman would have wanted for a long time.…

Don’t Let Your Wedding Day Become A Distant Memory

Not all romantic relationships culminate in marriage though everything starts with the formal dating. It is therefore crucial that you go beyond the mundane documentation of a wedding for this relation and enshrine it in the sacred enclaves of a wedding video.

Though wedding videos are the last on everyone’s priority list, you must bring them to the forefront because based on the testimony of several happily married couple, it has been found that no love lasts a lifetime if you don’t nurture it enough. One of the secrets of a long happy married life, as revealed by many, is to relive the golden moments when two people decide to spend the rest of their lives together.

Gone are the days when flipping through the wedding album made one gush and smile and feel the magic start all over again. In this technology ridden age, everyone needs something that can be accessed on their smartphones, on the tablets, iPads, and laptops. You can even see yourself on the big screen TV thanks to umpteen apps that allow people to project videos from their devices to the screen.

So, if you have found your someone special and are making all the arrangements for the big day, don’t miss on engaging the services of a reputed, well-established videography company. A popular videography company will be equipped with a capable staff and all the necessary equipment like lighting, lens, and editing software.

The team must be lead by a good videographer who has the ability to pay attention to detail, have a discrete screen presence and be armed with good editing skills;afterall, you want an end product that you can treasure for the rest of your life.

So, the need of the hour is professional and beautiful wedding videos here which will ensure that nervous groom and blushing bride don’t become a distant fading memory but remain ever young in everyone’s mind.


Dating Questions That Will Help You Get To Know Her Better

Going on a date? Nervous or unsure of what to speak every time? You really are interested in this girl and don’t want to say or do anything that might offend her.  Don’t know what to talk? Don’t worry. Here is a list of questions of questions you may like to ask to make her feel at ease and more comfortable. Check them out and do try these date questions on your next date. Am sure you’ll break the ice and get to know each other better too.

  • Who is your best friend?
  • What do you value the most in his/her friendship?
  • What is that people like the best about you?
  • What kind of gifts do you like people to give you?
  • Any weird incident that you will always remember that happened to you while you were in school?
  • Do you like pets? Do you have one?
  • What’s your idea of a perfect holiday? Where would you choose to go given an opportunity?
  • What are your future plans?
  • Are you afraid of anything?
  • How is your relationship with your family?
  • Who is your most lovable person?
  • Would you like to travel across the globe if given an opportunity?
  • What is your favorite kind of music? Do you have any favorite singers?
  • If you were to become somebody else for a day, who would you like to become and why?
  • What is your biggest goal in life?
  • What are your hobbies/
  • What are the things that you do make you really happy and you would like to keep doing again and again?
  • Do you like to meet new people and see new places?
  • What is your comfort zone?
  • What do you generally do when you are upset?
  • Are you a family person who enjoys spending time with grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins?